5 Staple Pieces We Wear Over and Over

Hey Gorgeous Gals,

What clothes in your closet do you have that you would consider a staple piece? It could be a pair of denim that flatters your amazing body or a jacket that never fails to turn heads through all four seasons. Is it those super comfy booties that go with everything or that basic shirt you just can't live without? 

Well... we are here to tell you that any skirt, top, or even scarf can be your staple piece! You know why? It's the clothing that makes you feel the most CONFIDENT! It isn't just about the pieces that match half of your wardrobe. I mean don't get us wrong... all of us ladies should earn gold medals for how many different ways we can style one shirt or pair of jeans. 

What clothes do you have that make you feel like you can take on the world? 

Keep on reading to see how we styled some of our favorite staple pieces! 

Fly Me To The Moon Cardi

Neutrals are a must in every wardrobe. You can't disagree. Owning neutral clothing is just essential for the perfect collection of staple pieces. From whites, to tans, to blacks... they're awesome to dress up or down! 



The first way we styled this cardigan is with a Free People top and skirt. Ribbed styled pieces are so in right now and the deep red color is perfect for Winter! The flow of the peplum top compliments this cardi so well! Not to mention it's a great layering piece for the colder months! 



The second way we styled the cardigan is with this tie dye midi dress! The neutral tones match the grey super well but they also add a pop of color. The dress takes the look to a whole new level and makes it super fun! Add a black hat and some cute booties to complete the outfit! Our Fly Me To The Moon Cardi features a ruched back, high low style, and a soft fabric! 

Airy Slub Slit Tunic :

How awesome is the idea of a tunic? They create a chic look while keeping us warm! Tunics are the perfect clothing piece to throw over leggings and jeans... which also makes for the perfect staple piece! 



The first way we styled this grey tunic was with a pair of leggings! You ladies know that leggings are so important! They're pretty much at the top of the list when we're talking about comfort! These navy blue, stretchy leggings have a thick fabric to keep you cozy and also have the cutest pattern down the sides! The pattern that this pair features matches well with the tunic! To add some more warmth and a pop of color, we threw on this super fuzzy zip up! 



For look number two we decided to go a little bit more dressy! These Free People jeans are TO DIE FOR! These washed black flares are dramatic and super fun! Not to mention they bring us back in time! 

The tunic has a slit in the side so to take the look to a new level, add a lace or printed cami underneath! This will also keep you even warmer in the cold months! 


The grey, burnout style to this top pairs so well with the black denim! For the last final touch... we added a classic knot in the slit to give the look a unique vibe and help it stand out! 

Heart Of Glass Dress :

A mini dress can arguably be one of the easiest go-to pieces for any season if you layer correctly! This mini is not your average and features a spin on that classic little black dress everyone loves!



With it's chic puffed sleeves and flattering v-neck this dress is so alluring! The way we styled this is by throwing on an extra layer! This cropped cardigan is super soft and casual! With a button closure it's so cute and pairs perfectly with the dress! 

Check out how we dressed this one up with jewelry : 

Jewelry can take any look to a whole new level! No matter what look your wearing jewelry can say so much about an outfit! The neutral colors of these handmade pieces correlate beautifully with this look! From silver to brass to the statement necklace this jewelry completes the outfit! 



For the second and final look we took this mini dress and turned it into the cutest top! Would you have ever thought of that?! All we did was unbutton the dress halfway and then tie the bottom in a super cute knot! With our trendy red boots and a stylish hat to match we created a unique look! The bright red color of the shoes and detail on the hat are super posh! We ended this second style with our favorite pair of dark wash skinny jeans! With the dress tied in a knot it shows off the front button detail on this pair of denim! How cute is that!? 

That concludes the three stylish staple pieces we can wear over and over! Now you have more inspiration and lots of ideas for simple ways you can alter one look! 

Which look or piece was your favorite? How would you style each outfit? Let us know in the comments! 

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