4 Ways to Feel Powerful Through Clothes

There are so many ways to not only feel, but BE powerful through what you wear. It's safe to say that a lot of it comes from within. There is beauty and strength in everything and for everyone it is so important to express and share it.

Fierceness -

A strong reason that we choose to be fierce with what we wear is because it shows our passion. Let's say you're shopping for a fun night out or a dashing date; or maybe even an event at some place new you've never been. Don't hesitate when you think you have found a piece you like but you just aren't sure if you could pull it off. You just aren't sure if it's something you would really wear. Well, trust me, YOU CAN! Those pieces, the ones that make you think twice are the ones to stick with when it comes to that fierce look. It's all about choosing the ones that are a little bit out of your comfort zone.

If you aren't one to usually go for those bold, out of the box pieces, it's totally okay. Start by choosing a piece that has a statement within it. Maybe a cool pair of denim caught your eye or maybe you saw a top you like but you aren't feeling inspired- start with one piece that is a little bit different than what you normally wear. Colors...clothes show so many diversities through their colors. This chunky knit sweater is a bold blue and definitely stands out, but ties in the whole look. 

Another tip to keeping it fierce is to simply wear what you want, when you want! You don't need an occasion to look your best. Today, women get judged for even wanting to wear makeup on a day to day basis.  With clothing, certain people think they can tell us dressing a particular way is wrong. Don't listen to them. Wanting to look nice for YOU is plenty reason enough. Take your power back and rock those bold pieces any day of the week, no matter where or when!

Jewelry is brilliant for a fierce look!

Jewelry is a reminder of a connection between two loved ones, an expression of feelings, and a remembrance of your inner peace. Think about it, don't you have a piece of jewelry in your collection that reminds you of a certain moment or feeling? Most of us feel empowered through that favorite necklace, ring or bracelet. Channel that specific moment that lies within that jewelry and you'll take that with you as you wear it.

This is why putting little sayings on pendants that help guide you day to day is such a great idea. You naturally pick a quote that is meaningful to a time in your life, whether it was a struggle or an achievement! Each time you wear it, it reminds you that you can do whatever you set your mind to!

The Simple Facts -

Studies show that what clothes we choose to wear can change our mood and performance. The garments we go back to time and time again are the ones that make us feel good when we wear them. Each day we get the chance to show up in whatever we want. Clothing allows us all to evolve and feel empowered at any moment.

The uniquely patterned sweaters, the bold flares of course, and the accessories to tie it all in are how we experiment with looks. What we wear is one of the first things people notice when we show up. Our clothing is a message to others about who we are.

Do NOT Compare -

Comparing ourselves to others prevents us from embracing our individuality. As we pass people throughout our day it's easy to look at them and think about all the nice things they have; it's easy for us to compare our style to theirs. Doing this doesn't help us find our own style or feel empowered in ourselves...

Find beauty in your self and play with pieces that make you feel empowered!

Realize what makes you feel like YOU - 

Remember a time you wore an outfit and felt good, whether it was a sweater, dress, or even a scarf? Then, break down the look piece by piece and figure out which item it is that's making you feel great. An amazing way to feel powerful is self reflection because then we get to feel, change and grow in a way you know what makes you happy in your own skin.

When shopping, that pair of shoes that amazes you or that jacket you just have to buy are the clothes that will make you feel confident. At home when you're choosing that first interview outfit or the dress for the date of your dreams, the clothes that made you excited inside when shopping are your best bet!

So don't forget to dance with the flowers and embrace who you are! Choose those special pieces of clothing that make you feel confident, empowered and beautiful!




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