6 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Everyone knows that scarves are such a staple in our wardrobes especially during the chilly seasons! Did you know that there is more than just a couple of ways to wear a scarf? Whether you're wearing one for warmth or style... there are lots of ways to tie them!

Us Spirited ladies are bringing you 6 different ways to wear a scarf!


Let's start off with the easiest and most attractive way! Take one side and just throw it over your shoulder once. If you're wearing your scarf for warmth just wrap it around your neck a few more times! We love this style for just going shopping, running errands or hangin' out with the gals!


The second way is the simple loop. You just take a side and wrap it completely around your neck one time. This way is definitely great for colder days because it is very similar to a turtle neck!

The turtle neck look makes this a more mature style and also is flattering because of the way both sides hang down. Try this look with an oversized shirt or any piece that is flowy!


Look number three is the triangle way! This way is unique and really adds so much character to any basic outfit. All you do is fold your scarf into a triangular shape and lay that part over your chest. Then take the two ends and wrap them around your neck! This way is best for thin scarves and for blanket scarves!


This fourth look is definitely more dressy for a night out!

We call this the shawl! Take a basic top and add this scarf over it to make the most chic outfit! To create this look take your scarf and again, fold it into a triangle shape but this time lay that part over your back. Place the ends over your shoulders and tie it in the front!


If you don't want to have to worry about your scarf falling off your shoulders or coming un-looped... this fifth way creates a look that will keep it in place! Fold it in half length-wise and drape it over your neck. Take the two tail ends and put them through the loop you just created. Lastly, adjust the scarf to flow nicely and you're good to go! This way is more casual and basic.


For the final way to tie a scarf, we're going to show you the infinity look. This last way is the most fun and looks good using any scarf!

Drape the scarf over your neck and then cross the scarf in front creating a figure-8 loop. Take the bottom loop and put that over your head. A scarf styled this way will definitely keep your neck warm this season!


We hope these 6 different styles helped you when it comes tying scarves! Use these during the Holidays or year round!



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Written by Anna Crusselle



  • Posted by Val Kelly on

    I have no idea where you guys get these ideas.. But I am in LOVE! I am the proud owner of a scarf closet and now I can take it to another level!

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