A Refreshing Dive Into This Spring's Jewelry Trends!

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Amidst all the craziness of the world, the Spirited team has been itching to show you ladies some new Spring jewelry trends that have made their way into our sights!

If it's personable, unique and handcrafted... we've got it!

For today's layering looks we're thinking structural and chic! Let's talk style and how you can stand out with a few refreshing jewelry looks for this season!



It's time to get excited about bright color palettes and vacation ready accessories! While chokers aren't a new trend, adding a gemstone to a beaded necklace is a fun twist! One tip we have for you is to wear a top that either features a classic v-neck or is a neutral color when is comes to gemstones! We love to layer these chokers with longer chains to make a statement!

Structure is everything when it comes to jewelry! The elements in these brass earrings compliment the chokers so well! Our Zen line goes well with these gorgeous Gem Chain Tear Drop necklaces!


Medium or large, these beauties come with recycled vintage beads, a matching pewter charm and you know we can't forget about the crystals and stones! What we love about these handmade necklaces is that you can change out the charms to whichever you want! Something that's personal or sweet!


The paintings on the front are unique and are so pretty for Spring and Summer! Bright colors and fun patterns are what make up Spring right?!


Let's talk layers and sets. Matching sets are so in this season! If there is a specific painting that you like we've most likely got it in a smaller circle, oval, triangular or square pendant! 

Our flower patterns are super popular! These matching sets are so stylish and they complete any outfit! 

Mastering the art of layering jewelry can be tricky when the pieces are chunky so here are a few tips we have to share! Think chic and sophisticated instead of messy and overwhelming!

1. It's important to create a balanced look

2. It's okay to mix bold pieces with dainty ones because too many chunky pieces can make the look seem too weighed down.

3. Each piece should compliment the next. You want each necklace to lay naturally and not look cluttered!

4. Mix metals, textures and stones together! The pieces you choose don't need to match exactly and mixing metals can help create an interesting, creative look!

5. Always consider the neckline you're wearing because the simpler it is, the more decorative you can get!


Statement jewelry is great for transforming outfits! Keeping sizing and proportions in mind, you should wear smaller earrings with a necklace that is very big or chunky and vice versa! Our 5 Circle Necklace is an amazing statement piece that we paired with a smaller pair of circular earrings! If your necklace is what stands out, don't combine it with a pair of earrings that will distract from it's beauty!


Find a balance between prints and jewelry! If you're wearing a statement necklace try to wear a top that isn't as flashy or complicated! Contrast works the best with color block or solid neutrals.

From runway to art shows statement jewelry is fashionable and on trend!

Do you prefer statement or dainty? What are your favorite places to wear your favorite necklaces and earrings? Let us know what Spring jewelry trends you like and how you style them in the comments! 

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