Date Night? We've Got You Covered!

Date Night is an important thing...

Sometimes we get caught in a rut and us workin' ladies forget to live in the moment. You can't forget to actually date the person you're with right?! It's nice to have a night out on the town with the person you cherish, so we're here to help you get some inspiration on the perfect thing or things to wear! Of course we know Winter is still upon us.... So all three looks are sure to keep you warm!


Whether you are still in the honeymoon phase or are celebrating a new decade together, figuring out the right thing to wear never gets easier. Choosing that fun flirty look, while trying to impress your partner and feel confident can be tricky sometimes.

Well, don't fret any longer, because we've got some super trendy looks to show you!

Check out this amazing Free People slip! This maxi is super flowy but fits tighter below the bust to accentuate your awesome body! It even has adjustable straps!

We styled the maxi dress with this super fun flannel from Aratta. This button up will make such a statement especially with its beautiful textured stitching on the back! This top was the perfect layering piece!

How cute is this chunky belt that we completed the look with?! This black belt features silver studs all the way around and makes the look so fashionable!

This look would be amazing for a night out dancing or a cute picnic!

Now... for the second look!

Black and white is a combo that never drys out. It's the most classic, looks chic in every way and will never let you down! Call it the original, the building block of fashion, if you will.

Our In Plain Sight Midi Dress is one that will catch everyone's eye and will give you that super feminine look! Its oh so soft, silky fabric looks effortless on!

Animal print never fails and this midi dress features a middle tie, spaghetti straps and a flattering v-neck.

To layer we added this lace, teal undershirt that gives a pop of color! We all know lace is a staple when it comes to date night and this Cool It Layering Top looks dashing under this dress!

For another layering option you could always throw on a dressy top or long sleeve sweater underneath! Elevate the look by throwing on some heels and drive to the city for a fancy dinner!

The final look is a gorgeous, flowy maxi dress!

Maxi dresses are perfect for Winter because they keep us warm and also are so stylish! Our Dusty Feathers dress has the prettiest gold stitching and feather graphics all over.

This beautiful dress features a tassel, front button torso and a ruffled bottom! For some cute date night ideas in this piece, take a stroll downtown or sip some coffee at a local art show!

Whatever you've got planned for date night let these three looks be your inspo! Trust us... you will look great in any look no matter what you wear!




Spirited Girls



Shot in The Avenue West Cobb
Written by Anna Crusselle




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