How To : Style Jeans and a Basic Top

For today's post, we're going to show you gorgeous ladies how to style some denim jeans and a basic tee. We all have those days where we don't feel like doing much when it comes to our outfits. We're here to help provide lots of inspiration! So stay tuned for some tricks and ideas on how to spruce up some casual pieces. 

Outfit Number 1 :  Shop these jeans

Let's start with a new pair of jeans we just got in! These are super comfy and stretchy so they fit any body type. These jeans are longer than most.. so for you tall gals out there... these are extra perfect for you! *wink wink* The frayed bottoms and distressed wash adds another level of character to this pair . As for the shirt, we want to play it simple this season so we chose a basic white long sleeve top that is incredibly easy to layer with.

Now to spruce these basics up, we added this new Aratta Flannel that has flared sleeves and a vintage, elegant design on the back. The brilliantly crafted stitching on this piece really makes it come to life. The silver buttons really take us back to the Victorian era, and make the top very original. You can't go wrong with the classic flannel and jeans look... and we all know this one will make a statement!


No outfit is complete without accessories. For this look we added a longer handmade piece of Spirit Lala jewelry that holds the words - "Life is beautiful, so enjoy it." This is so true! The idea of putting quotes on a piece of jewelry makes it so personable and gives us inspiration for our everyday lives. If you come into any Spirited Boutique location you can make your own necklace like we did with the shorter piece. This one features a leather cord with a circle pendant that has a pretty floral pattern that makes it so natural.

Shop Spirit Lala's Handmade Jewelry here

Outfit Number 2 : Shop this top, Shop these jeans

We all know that Mom Jeans are very trendy! This pair is cuffed at the bottom and has some distressing in the knees.

We paired this pair of skinnies with an almost sheer short sleeve white tee that features a low cut back and has the softest cotton-y feel. When we dress in jeans and a simple tee, we want it to be comfortable and this look is just that.

To add a cool pop of color, underneath the shirt we added a lace long sleeve layering top to tie in the colors. It has a center front seam detail and a unique embroidery pattern all over and of course is from our fav brand Free People. For some warmth, we picked out one of our patterned scarf for some unique flare. You can wrap this around your neck for a layered touch or you can keep it more simple and wear around your shoulders. Either way it will keep you cozy!

A Spirited Tip we have for you to add more character is to tie knots at the ends of the scarf.

Now, how about that jewelry...!!!

The beautiful long necklace pairs so well with the long scarf. The short bangle necklace features several amazing, handmade stainless rings that totally add spice to the look. How often do you see something as unique as that?

Outfit Number 3 : Shop these jeans

For these last two looks I'm going to show you, we chose both tops with color. This grey top we matched with some super distressed jeans! Some of the rips have patches underneath (which is a plus when it comes to the cold) and some of them don't and this adds dimension. They feature a light to dark wash that is not as common, but very stylish!

Now let's take a look at one of our most special pieces.

This alluring Johnny Was Duster is so gorgeous for Fall and Winter. It's a lovely deep burgundy red and has an impressive floral pattern. It is so silky and soft. This duster has an added velvet fabric on the front edges that gives it personality.

To add a little something more to the shirt we put on a comfortable, burgundy  bralette underneath to poke through and match the duster. As for jewelry, we made our own necklace using a triangular pendant on a hypoallergenic, sterling silver chain. Add some gemstone bracelets to complete the look.

Outfit Number 4 : Shop this top, Shop these jeans

We've made it to the last look! This orang-y/red long sleeve top has a subtle v-neck and falls on the torso very naturally. I can assure you it is incredibly soft, once you put it on you won't want to take it off! Speaking of soft... let me tell you about this pair of jeans. Much like the first pair, they have an oh so stretchy fabric that fits nicely on any body type. The bottoms have frayed edges that again, add so much character.

The unique thing about this pair of jeans is that they have buttons down the front where a zipper would normally be!

We styled these basics with this flattering, cozy light brown vest. It is perfect for Winter and the cool thing is, is that it's actually reversible! This vest is so easy to throw on when you're in a hurry for lunch with the ladies or dinner with the hubby!

And sadly, we've come to the very last set of jewelry to show you and how we styled it. For this look we also added some gemstone bracelets on one arm and a cute leather bracelet on the other.

For necklaces, both of which are of course handmade... we picked this precious pressed flower one that has a simple, soft fabric on one part of the chain. The pressed flower collection in Spirited Boutiques is very unique and comes with smaller pendants that you can use to build your own necklace! Keep these in mind as personable gifts for the upcoming holidays.

We hope these helped anyone reading and gave you some inspiration for spicing up your basics! Stay tuned for more How To blogs from us spirited ladies!



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Written by Anna Crusselle



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