Making a Difference in the World of Retail Experience with Spirit Lala

Making a Difference in the World of Retail Experience

with Spirit Lala

Do you ever wonder what the goal of Spirited Boutiques is and why we pride ourselves on amazing customer service + experiences? We hope that every time you stop in to one our locations you leave feeling amazing, taken care of, and are "wow"ed by the uniqueness of the interior. Not all boutiques have this goal in mind, which is why we strive to stand out! We sat down with Spirit and got an in-depth look at what her goal for Spirited Boutiques has always been and to this day has never changed.

Spirit in her favorite Spirited Style

In today’s world, retail culture has come to be mass-produced and a cookie-cutter shopping experience. These were not things Spirit Lala wanted for her stores,  Spirited Boutiques. Down to the last detail in decor of each store, Spirit wanted her boutiques to stand out from other carriers of women’s apparel and jewelry. Each is adorned with Spirits handcrafted designs, as she likes “to repurpose things", keeping the raw elements but all different types of things”. Spirit strove to create a “whole vibe” in her stores.


Shopping the Rack outside Spirited Boutiques in Alpharetta

“I wanted to create experience retail. Something that wasn’t cookie cutter, where I could be creative and different.”

Spirit and her husband Edmond opened their first store in 2015 after the travel for art shows across the United States had taken its toll. From her days painting walls and pillow covers to her days of pottery and ceramics, she had always used her first name, Spirit, in the names of her different lines. She wanted to keep up with that idea, but differentiate a little from her artwork and jewelry. Her husband, Ed, gave her the perfect solution: Spirit + Ed = Spirited. They would open their first Spirited Boutique in Woodstock. “It was a trainwreck”, according to Spirit, but if anything, she knew that “when you don’t know how to swim, if you never try and figure it out, you’ll drown”. So, she figured it out.

"The main idea behind the store was to help change the very lives of women."

With endless amounts of support and faith in Spirit’s vision from friends and family, the store became a success. The main idea behind the store was to help change the very lives of women. We can all have various interactions with people over the course of a day, but it is not all the common that you are really “apart of life life”. Spirit uses her art and jewelry to be part of just that, a person’s “life life”. She feels that jewelry gives her the unique ability to give women “a little something that could make them smile” every time they wore it.

Opening her stores has allowed her to reach a broader group of women whose smiles could be brightened with a pretty, little something Spirited. Spirited Boutiques has been open for five years as of the year 2020 and many women have fallen in love with the difference in customer service and overall experience unique to Spirit’s boutiques. Shopping at Spirited Boutiques means finding empowerment in clothing and individuality in jewelry. Women should walk away from their shopping trips feeling excited about their finds, but more than that, with a little kick of self-confidence in their step. 

Stay tuned for more snippets into the creation of Spirited Boutiques and the life of Spirit.

Written by Elena LaRoss & Edited by Genoa Bush 



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