Winter Edition : Girl's Day Out

  Hey Lovelies, today we're channeling Winter in these stunning new outfits! From velvet, to leather, to knits, to corduroy. We're falling in love with the new season and the fashion trends it's bringing along.

Let's be honest.. Sometimes it's really chilly and some days we just think about getting dressed with the simple fact that it's probably freezing outside. Hurrying up to put on our fleece lined leggings, and grabbing that big fuzzy jacket right before heading out.

Us ladies at Spirited are here to tell you that managing to keep warm, looking seasonally appropriate and chic is possible! 

It's easy to just throw on a nice sweater and your favorite boots and go, however we want to show you some unique pieces that you'll fall in love with! Having an item like a sweater cardigan comes in handy for keeping that Winter chill out but staying stylish because you can add layers. It's nice to have something with a V-neck because you can see the cute top you've got underneath.

A trustee pair of Flares are essential for keeping it chic in the Winter, but we can't forget the classic duo.. Spanx and boots to match.


Let's talk dresses...

We just can't take our eyes off the beautiful printed detail on this dress. I've never seen a midi dress look so at home in the Winter time. Typically, we would reserve our best Midi's for the warmest months, right? Although, who knew they could be so in for Winter. The flowy bottom says summer, but the warm red tones communicate differently. This dress is made for Winter! And, get this.. you can still layer while wearing a midi dress with leggings, tights, jeans. Anything your heart desires! So, this actually might keep you warmer than just throwing on a pair of leggings by themselves.

Adding a cozy, corduroy jacket is a great idea because the red color really brings out the the detailing in the dress in all it's statement-making glory.

Winter is the perfect time of year to stock up on all the amazing hats. Besides the fact that when your go-to dry shampoo is just not working out, a hat is the grand solution. Hats can also tie in colors, and fabrics to any outfit to keep that chic look going.

You don't have to go for the same wide-brim kind of hat with every look. Remember to switch it up often!

Ladies, Jumpsuits are in! This one is rendered in thicker, warmer fabric making it colder-weather appropriate. Did I mention it has pockets!? Winter jumpsuits are super convenient because it's your top and bottom all in one. Throw on a knit sweater with it and you've got double comfort! 

Booties and Bags!

A good clutch, backpack, or purse are crucial for a trendy Winter. Especially when they are cow hide! We've got to have some place to keep our chapstick, and hand lotion.

The chillier months come with icy sidewalks, frigid temperatures, and dry skin. Think of this as your excuse to buy all the Winter booties. Take on a cold day with some boots that will elevate your whole look. Winter isn't all bad, and the cute booties are our favorite part!

We're ready for the romance of the holiday, the seasons first beautiful snow, and the hot chocolates! Now you are too!



Spirited Girls


Jenna Smith
Brianna Cladwell
Anna Crusselle
Spirit Lala
Genoa Bush
Shot at Alpharetta Downtown Square
Written by Anna Crusselle


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