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I Dream In Flowers Kimono in Black Combo

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I Dream In Flowers Kimono in Black Combo


♡ Product Highlights ♡ 

A riotous, painterly celebration of art and the natural world, this exquisite duster is all at once romantic, ethereal, and so so cool. Inspired by the romance of European flower markets, we created this kimono using a masterful oil painting from the early 1600’s by artist Jan Brueghel, and an ink drawing of bumblebees we found in a Victorian insect encyclopedia. It has the look of a treasured vintage piece that will never go out of style. Dress it up or down — either way, expect compliments!

✁ Contents & Measurements ✁ 

This I Dream In Flowers Kimono in Black Combo contains 100% Bamboo Wood Viscose. Total body length (shoulder to bottom) measures to 45 inches.
Total width is 30 inches!
Measured from one size. 
For reference the model, and owner Spirit, is wearing one size. Her height is 5'6 and weight is 124!

⚠ Care Instructions ⚠ 

To maintain quality, this I Dream In Flowers Kimono in Black Combo is best when machine washed gentle, or hand washed, and hung to dry. Low ironing if needed! 
Do not bleach or machine dry!