Aurora Necklace In Navy

This elegant necklace features a center button we discovered at a closing sale of the Worthmore Five and Dime in Rayne, Louisiana still attached to their original cards. They are some of the most exquisite West German glass buttons we’ve ever found. 

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The button in the center of this necklace features an Art Moderne sunrise depicted in a navy glass with a coppery gold luster. It’s bracketed by two vintage navy and Goldfluss glass ovals. 

In this piece:

  • Navy glass button with coppery-gold sunburst, made in Western Germany circa 1950 & sold under the brand name Exquisit
  • Two navy Goldfuss glass ovals made in mid-century Western Germany
  • Three brass-plated pewter settings made in the USA
  • Two stamped brass pronged settings made in vintage dies in the USA
  • Brass chain with navy enamel
  • Length is 16” with 4” extender
  • Added 2X SS Edited 9-2-21
  • $90.95