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Sapphire Spinner Necklace

  • $126.95
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In this necklace, the three ovals showcase mid-century German, Czech, and Japanese glass artistry at their finest.

The three-sided spinning pendant featured in this necklace is a recreation of a Victorian gentleman’s watch fob. Watches were invented in 1750 but wristwatches didn’t come into vogue until after WWI. So in the centuries between these innovations, men kept their watches in their pockets. 

Most pocket watches hung from a chain adorned with a decorative fob. A fob added weight to the chain which made it easier to withdraw the watch from a pocket. However, the fobs, because they were visible, were also decorative and fashionable.

The most fashionable of all was a spinner fob which had two or three sides, which turned so the owner could choose which decorative element to show off. 

In this piece:

  • Sapphire glass floral oval hand-pressed in post-WWII Japan
  • Light sapphire glass mirror-polished oval set with a tiny brass flower made in West Germany circa 1950
  • Vintage Czech glass oval with brilliant gold luster starburst
  • Two-part spinner made in the US of brass-plated pewter
  • Antiqued brass station chain
  • Length is 27” with 4” extender
  • Added 2X SS Edited 9-2-21