• Jet and Goldfluss Earrings

Jet and Goldfluss Earrings

We found the mid-century West German Goldfuss glass drops featured in these charming earrings on our last button hunting trip. Goldstone glass, or Goldfuss in German, was invented by the Venetians in the seventeenth century. It’s manufactured by heating silica and copper oxide until metallic crystals form. The production process was perfected by twentieth-century Czech and German glass artisans. Sadly, this trade is uncommon today and goldstone glass is, therefore, becoming harder and harder to find. In this piece: Vintage jet and Goldfuss glass drops, made in mid-century Western Germany Stamped brass settings made in the USA in vintage dies Nickel-free and lead-free brass kidney wire closures Hangs 1 7/8”
Made in United States of America

  • $48.95