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Spirit Lala Jewelry

Welcome to the world of Spirit Lala and her exciting array of talents, from unique custom handcrafted art jewelry, whimsical clocks and stunning contemporary paintings found in many galleries across the nation.
Just where on earth did Spirit get her ideas on Art anyway? Could it have been the inspiration of the coastal rainforests of Australia, or the balmy tropical breezes and lifestyle of the island of Guam in the Pacific and the island of Roatan in the Caribbean? Or perhaps, was it just genetic? She does come from a line of very talented and creative people. Could it have been her education? Hardly!  This amazing woman has never had a formal art lesson in her life. More than likely, it was a God given combination of all of the above. Nonetheless, from whence this talent comes from, it is definitely making an impact on the world. The rich tapestry of Spirits life, interwoven with a highly creative and imaginative mind that has no limits, is where the art of Spirit comes from, and for that the world is grateful.
Take and showcase a little piece of Spirit's mass collection of artwork, with any of these beautiful, hand made, hand resined,  hand designed, jewelry pieces!

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