Boho Trends to Look Out For

The new year is here! What does that mean for fashion? New trends, of course. We want to dive in to all things boho, funky and unique this coming spring and summer. 

2021 marks a new dawn for everybody! Use this new found energy to reinvent your wardrobe and become your most confident self.

The first trend that we are already starting to see is mixed fabrics and patterns. Denim and lace combos, mixing textures and contrasting colors are just a few of the ways to make your outfit catch the eyes of everybody around you.

Above are our In Tune Cascade Sleeveless Jacket and our Ever After Cascade Jacket. Both of these mixed-texture pieces have the perfect amount of charisma to layer over any spring look. 
Here is our Fantasy Kimono. Not only does this gorgeous piece have a special blend of color and pattern, but the velvet detail on the sleeve really makes for a striking contrast of boho and chic.
The next trend in boho is graphic tee's. Yes! You heard that right. We have seen more and more graphic t-shirts pop up in the boho fashion space. The key is to layer, layer and layer! Graphic tees are something most people already have in their closet and can easily be transitioned between different styles. 
This Dream Warrior graphic tee shirt is worn slightly oversized for a slouchier look. The lacey kimono paired over it adds the perfect touch to really spice up this tee; which was designed by Spirit herself!
The Peace & Harmony tee shirt is the ultimate merge of relaxed and tasteful. The tee is layered over a long sleeve and paired with a funky patterned hat to add some interest and sass.


Is there anything that screams spring and summer boho more than lace and crochet? There's always a way to put a modern spin on a classic pattern to create a stunning ensemble. Lace and crochet fabrics are lightweight, feminine and flirty. 

The crochet lace poncho is a staple in any boho lover's wardrobe. A lacey poncho like this one offers more coverage for those who want to be more modest or stay warm during the chilly spring nights.

The Summertime Vest offers crochet detailing that would look stunning over a bright colored dress, top or skirt. This fabric is breathable and fun, which makes for a quintessential combo for summer attire. 

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