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Spirit Lala - Owner Spirited Boutiques

Spirit Lala - Founder Spirited Boutiques

Who is Spirit Lala? And how did her handcrafted jewelry business come into being? It all started with her art. Inspired by the coastal rainforests of Australia in her youth, and then on to the laid-back tropical lifestyle on the island of Guam in the Pacific and Roatan in the Caribbean. Then, throw in her genetics from a unique and creative family line. It certainly wasn't her education, as Spirit has never had a formal art lesson in her life. Nonetheless, from whence this talent comes, it is impacting the world. The rich tapestry of Spirit's life, interwoven with a highly creative and imaginative mind that has no limits, is where the art of Spirit comes from; for that, the world is grateful.

The evolution of her art has shown myriad styles and much promise. From childish four-year-old drawings to highly detailed pen and inks, fashion paper dolls, Barbie custom clothes, and slightly skewed Dali-esque visions, these were just some of the highlights of her early years.

Eventually, color came into play, and experimentation with other mediums to express her art. In her later teens, she went back and forth from drawing on paper to making unusual jewelry pieces out of Sculpy, plastic, and recycled junk jewelry. Then, in her early twenties, she discovered the joy of painting on pottery while on maternity leave with her second child. Because so many family members and friends begged her for her work, she eventually quit her full-time management job and went into pursuing her art full-time. That was the birth of Design Spirit Studio which eventually became Spirit Lala Handcrafted Jewelry.

Then nine years ago, out of sheer exhaustion and burnout from doing art shows every weekend and raising three children, Spirit decided to open her first women's clothing store and boutique. Not only an outlet to sell her various creations, but also a way to create a life-form piece of art hand painted and built literally by her and a few excellent power tools. Spirit set out to curate and design an environment for the senses in hopes that every person who walks through her doors will have an amazing and unique experience and be treated like a princess.

Spirit has three locations in the greater Metro Atlanta area and currently lives in Woodstock, GA.

Spirited Boutiques

Spirited Boutiques, founded in 2014, is a lifestyle boutique offering the latest boho-chic fashion trends, handmade jewelry from local artists, and quality accessories that add the perfect touch to any bohemian style outfit. Find out what Spirited Boutiques can offer you! Visit our Brick and Mortar locations in Downtown Woodstock, Downtown Roswell, or Alpharetta.
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