Individuality Through Jewelry

What does jewelry add to an outfit? Not only does it add a little sparkle and shine but accessorizing with jewelry can be a deeply personal experience; made to fit everyone and their own sense of style. Luckily, Spirited makes this process unique and exciting. We offer many different lines of jewelry. Most of which are hand designed by our owner, Spirit.

Spirit did not originally design jewelry. Much of her artistic energy was devoted to pottery, painting and hand-decorated clocks. It was not until many of the people around her asked for her designs to be wearable did she venture into the craft of jewelry designing.


The Spirit Lala jewelry is designed by Spirit. Every piece of artwork is not only personal, but special. The pieces are all locally made and hand-made in a studio in Marietta, Georgia.



The Spirit Lala designs are personalized, which makes for a totally unique experience. Each piece has been designed with precision and thought. These pieces are special to the wearer and the giver.



The Vintage Coin line mixes modernity with vintage appeal for something utterly distinctive. Mixing metals with beading creates a cool and funky texture to add to any outfit.



The Serenity line is dainty and bold. It draws from the natural world around us, often mimicking shapes of flowers and leaves. This down to earth line is perfect for the simple day to day looks.


The Zen line offers a different look than Spirit’s other lines. The darker metal makes these pieces stand out with any outfit. The modern, minimalistic feel is fitting for any occasion.

The Organic line is inspired by the floral visuals in the world around us. This jewelry combines a rustic, and natural look to a traditionally feminine concept.


Jewelry adds the final touch to your look. A simple pair of denim and a tee can be easily brought to life with a couple layered necklaces and a pair of bold earrings. Spirited gives you an edge with locally made, hand-designed items that ensure you feel special every time you get dressed.


Which line is your favorite?

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