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Spirit Lala: Sea Turtle Tri-Drop Statement Earrings

  • $58.00

Spirit Lala: Sea Turtle Tri-Drop Statement Earrings    


 Product Highlights ♡  

Our Spirit Lala Tri-Drop Statement Earrings are the perfect accessories to add to any on-trend bohemian style outfit! Paired with any layering assortment of any of our many statement necklaces, of your choosing, the Spirit Lala Tri-Drop Statement Earrings will be sure to be a wonderful addition to any on-trend bohemian style outfit!    

✁ Contents & Measurements ✁  

 Handmade with an array of all stainless-steel parts, these earrings are constructed with:  
• Stainless steel ear wire
• 1 inch in diameter open circle
• A 6.35 mm resined sea turtle design charm
• 2 half inch long bar charms
• And finally, a 1-inch-long rosary chain drop 
Pair these earrings with any assortment of necklaces and bracelets to add a unique touch to any look! 
⭒ Due to the handmade qualities, styles and colors may slightly vary! ⭒