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Kuumba Made ~ ⅛ oz. Fragrance Oils

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Kuumba Made ~ ⅛ oz. Fragrance Oils


 Product Highlights ♡ 

Kuumba Made Exquisite Fragrance Oils are clean, long-lasting, vegan, and always handmade with love in small batches. These artfully crafted scents are full-bodied with top, middle, and bottom notes in a base of skin-loving jojoba and safflower oils and a few drops go a long way. Any of these Kuumba Made ~ ⅛ oz. Fragrance Oils will become your new favorite roll-on perfume!

Product Features

These Kuumba Made ~ ⅛ oz. Fragrance Oil’s features are:
Clean, rich, pure scent
⅛ oz. or 3.7 ml of product per bottle
Long lasting scent
Oil based
Concentrated scent
A few drops go a long way
Scent Descriptions:
Pikake Lei ~ A Hawaiian lei made of enticing jasmine with notes of sunny bergamot and fresh gardenia dancing on a tropical breeze.
Persian Garden ~ Calming and alluring with notes of warm florals, ocean air, and light amber. Like a blooming garden after a spring rain!
Tunisian Opium ~ A lush, evocative floral with notes of mandarin, coriander, and cedarwood. A moonlit adventure that uplifts the heart.
Tunisian Jasmine ~ A Hawaiian lei of jasmine woven with notes of pear, coconut, and tuberose. A gentle breeze on a starry tropical night.
Tunisian Patchouli ~ An exceptional patchouli! Clean and rich. Notes of sweet orange and balsam warm the heart and ground the spirit.
Vanilla Bean ~ Soft, warm, and comforting. This delicious, irresistible scent is lightly sweet and truly intoxicating. Divine perfection!
Vanilla Musk ~ Smooth, well-rounded vanilla with notes of musk, almond, and fresh powder. A comforting, versatile, and sensual scent.
Water Goddess ~ A divine and evocative blend with fresh water, soft spice, and grounding sandalwood. Inspires confidence and connection.
Water Lily ~ A bright blooming floral infused with fresh green tea and sparkling notes of bergamot and mandarin. Sunny and joyful.
White Ginger ~ Fresh and sweet with notes of jasmine, citrus, and spice. This bright, luscious scent sings of sunny Polynesian gardens.
Wind Dancer ~ A lovely powdery floral with hints of sweet fruit and vanilla. Like a spring day, with flowers dancing on the breeze.
Zen Rain ~ Notes of orchids, roses, and ferns layered with clean magnolia and violet. A peaceful and fresh garden after a light rain.
Amber Paste ~ Enticing amber resin with spicy nutmeg, pine, and sweet honey relaxes the mind and delights the senses. Soft and sensual.
Amber & Myrrh ~ Sweet, aromatic sassafras, spicy bay rum, and bright frankincense transport you to an enchanting Moroccan market.
Amber & Sandalwood ~ Notes of spiced black tea with warm citrus and leathery labdanum create a sanctifying, universally appealing scent.
Arabian Rose ~ Intoxicating and sensuous rose with hyacinth, clover, and lily of the valley. An ode to the beloved Queen of Flowers.
Arabian Sandalwood ~ Charismatic and smooth sandalwood with vanilla, fresh coconut, and bright cedar. Irresistible on your sun-warmed skin!
Black Coconut ~ An alluring treat for hot summer days and sultry nights, with rich notes of coconut, dark chocolate, and roasted almond.
Creamy Coconut ~ Tropical and inviting with hints of vanilla and raw sugar. A summer dance on the beach with flowers adorning your hair.
Egyptian Musk ~ Light and sensual, this universally appealing scent soothes the soul with notes of fresh water and sanctifying sandalwood.
Frankincense & Myrrh ~ Rich, warm, and delicately sweet with sandalwood and cinnamon undertones. An exquisite balance of ancient aromatic resins.
Lavender Lace ~ Clean and fresh with an embracing touch of sweetness, this classic scent is softened with notes of bergamot and vanilla.
Lily Of The Valley ~ Fresh and herbaceous with notes of moss, lilac, and sweet orange blossom. An enchanting spring woodland floral.
Oriental Musk ~ An enchanting blend of ylang ylang and mimosa that carries you to a romantic palace balcony at dusk. Clean and uplifting.
Spring Lilac ~ A sunshower of lilac blossoms and fresh grass with notes of cherry, lily of the valley, and warm honey.


How To Use

Roll a small amount onto pulse points and gently dab onto the neck as desired.

External use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

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