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  • Pastel Dreams

    Greetings gorgeous gals,  Today we've got an itching to show you some of our favorite pastel pieces that we think you'll fall in love with! Pastels are HOT HOT HOT right now and not to mention the perfect palette for Spring and Summer!  Let's take a refreshing dive into why we love pastels and ho... View Post
  • Summer Prep #2 : Kimonos and Belts

    We're here for round two with even more accessories so us boss babes can be prepared for Summer. Statement pieces, floral patterns and dreamy outfits sound like the perfect essentials for the sunny days! View Post
  • Summer Prep #1 : Hats and Bags

    Summer is coming full speed and we've got some essential accessories to show you! Featuring a look book with our new favorite hats and bags as well as style tips from us Spirited gals! Stay tuned for Summer Prep #2 with different accessories coming soon! View Post