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Ethical and Stylish? Sign Me Up!

Ethical and Stylish? Sign Me Up!

The importance of ethical fashion is growing every day. We encourage our Spirited Family to support brands like KOMPANERO which serve to make you feel beautiful and empower women worldwide through ethical, sustainable and fair fashion practices.

     Let’s face it- more and more of us fashionistas want to make sure that our clothing choices not only make us feel beautiful but that they also have the same positive affect on the world around us. The market of fashion is inundated with brands that we don’t always know much about. It can feel nearly impossible to find something that is cute, complimentary AND ethical. One Google search can lead you down a rabbit hole of products which can feel overwhelming very quickly. 

     But we have GREAT news. We have the brand you’ve been looking for.... the handbags of your dreams... the ethical and sustainable product line you’ve been longing for.... KOMPANERO 

     What exactly does an ethical brand mean? The brand is morally correct, the brand does not harm people, animals and the environment and the brand contributes to society and public good in a responsible, positive, and sustainable way. 

     KOMPANERO is a pioneer in ethical fashion. Not only do they produce stunning, high-quality bags that will make anybody’s head turn; KOMPANERO is passionate about their leather creations. You can see the hard work and vested interest each artisan has in the designs.  


Ethical Leather BagEthical Leather Bag

The Celine Bag is no exception. It is designed with fashion and function in mind. 

Ethical Leather Bag

The Ane Handbag is another work of art you can be sure comes from a place of love, from KOMPANERO to you. This bag, just as the others, is piece-dyed; meaning no toxic dyes and chemicals are wasted and leak into the environment. Also, 90% of of the bags are vegetable dyed... another win for the environment! 

Ethical Leather Bag

The Bretta Shoulder Bag is just what you need if you want something practical, beautiful and unique. All KOMPANERO bags are made of completely natural materials and leather. There are absolutely no synthetic materials!  

     If these beautiful bags don’t convince you that this brand is the ethical brand you’ve been looking for, maybe this will. KOMPANERO works directly with visually and auditory destitute girls and women to ensure that they are skilled enough to find jobs in the world once they become independent. KOMPANERO has a unit in India where they teach these girls and women how to weave, sew and handcraft beautiful artisan pieces to empower and encourage craftmanship. Each year, a percentage of sales from their bags goes directly back to the communities they work so hard to enrich and empower.  

     We want girls and women worldwide to feel empowered and beautiful, and this brand does exactly that.  

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