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How to Style Your Flares Like a Pro

How to Style Your Flares Like a Pro

Learn how to style your flare pants of all styles and colors with an in-depth review of techniques. We want everybody to feel comfortable and confident to rock their own pair of flares!

Have you seen the cute flare pant trend going around but are too intimidated by the wide leg to put together an outfit? Look no further for an in-depth guide on how to style your flare pants! 

Before we start, it is always important to remember that style is subjective. Wearing what makes YOU feel confident, beautiful and empowered is the only goal you should ever try to achieve. Spirited is just here to help make those goals a reality!  

First things first... What is a flare? The flare pant has the notable wide leg toward the bottom of the pant. They can be wide all the way down or fitted around the thigh and flared around the ankle. They can be made from denim, cotton, polyester, silk... you name it. They can come in every color imaginable!  

We suggest pairing a flare with something to balance the extra fabric on the bottom. This can be done by adding a shirt that’s a little bit more fitted or throwing on extra top layers to achieve balance in your outfit.  


Flare Jeans with layered top
Flare jeans with layered top

Here you can see a beautiful pair of wide-leg bell bottom jeans, paired with a shorter top and a gorgeous duster. This balances the heaviness on the bottom of the jean and gives your outfit some pizazz.

Bell bottoms with fitted topBell bottoms with fitted top

These Free People Float On Flare Jeans are stabilized by partnering a fitted, simple tee shirt and long necklace. The fitted tee brings out the drama of the flare and offers an easy way to throw a look together. Adding a statement necklace can bring together the whole outfit in one extra step! 

Flowy Boho Pants

Flowy boho pants

Our next suggestion is to play into the flowy, unconfined and flirty flare legs by going all in on the boho. Layering your flares with lightweight, flowy pieces really make your wide leg pants pop! Fluid pieces on top accent your flared pants  to really showcase your inner-bohemian goddess. Not to mention super comfy.  

As you can see, styling your flare jeans can be done in many ways. Your style can be incorporated into cultivating outfits with flare pants in an unimaginable number of ways. Feeling confident and powerful in your flare jeans is super easy with just a few small steps. What are you waiting for? Rock your flare pants!

Leave comments with how you would style your flares! 

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